DEAR LADIES: 7 Reasons You Should Stay Far Far Away From Men Who Bet On Football

Stay far far far far, I cannot emphasize how far you should stay away. Men of this kind are on the rise, and ladies, unfortunately, these men are not husband material. Unless they win the jackpot, then put a ring on it. Until then,(and let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely to happen) just make sure you aren’t associated with them.

If you see a man who likes betting on soccer excessively, (excessively being once a week or more) that’s a red flag and you need to call it quits with him asap.

Here are 7 reasons why you should stay far far away from men who bet on football games:

1. They are lazy.

Betting shows someone’s character. If your man is betting it means they are probably after fast money and don’t want to work hard. Not a keeper.

2. They are dreamers, not doers.

In their little minds, they probably believe that they are so special, that maybe they will get the Jackpot, and run away into the sunset with a couple of millions. Ladies, these are nothing but dreams. Get a guy who will work hard for his dream.

3. They are risk takers.

While that may sound nice, when it comes to finances, it’s really not. Unless you’re an investor by profession.

4. He’s broke.

Because only broke men will take risks losing the money they already have thinking they’ll make more. That’s why they are still broke up to this day. No woman wants a broke man.

5. He probably has debts.

Even worse than a broke guy, is one with debts. He probably keeps taking loans since he loses his money to bets.

6. He’s not financially literate.

Basically he doesn’t know how to manage or prioritize on his finances. Which is a red flag, considering he’s a whole adult who should learn how to do such things.

7. He may weigh you down.

If you are a smart, ambitious woman, he may weigh you down with his financial illiteracy. You don’t need that in your life girl.

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