Dangers of Dating An Older Woman – Biggest Turn Ons and Turn Offs

It is no surprise that a lot of men are attracted to older women. The experience an older woman holds attracts younger men to her—they are attracted to her intelligence, maturity, confidence and of course, sexual maturity.

There are a lot of turn-ons when it comes to dating older women but surprisingly, men have some turn-offs as well that make sex a little less interesting with an older woman.


Let’s take a look at some of these turn-ons and turn-offs.

1. Turn on: Older women know themselves

Older women tend to know themselves in and out. They don’t need a lot of time to figure out what exactly they need from their partner. They don’t leave their man confused about what exactly they want in a relationship.

2. Turn off: There’s a lot of judgement

There is a lot of judgment and stigma in society around younger men dating older women. While this may not be a very common concept but people are defying societal norms and looking to date people beyond their years.

3. Turn on: Older women have experience in bed

There’s no doubt that older women are generally sexually experienced in bed. They know how to have fun without feeling shy or any kind of embarrassed. They are confident about themselves and their body, mostly because they have gone past the stage where they used to feel conscious. Older women embrace their bodies and sexuality more freely than younger women do.

4. Turn off: Older women have less stamina

Older women may have less stamina or maybe less flexibility than they used to in their younger years. This may be a disadvantage for many men but if the woman is a fit fanatic, then it may be an altogether different experience.

5. Turn on: Older women love experimenting in bed

Older women love experimenting in bed in most cases because they shed their umpteen inhibitins over time in their younger days. They are up for trying out all new kinds of sex positions and bucket list ideas. Even many women are up for trying sex in public or any other area.

6. Turn off: Older women may be dominating

For those men who don’t like to be submissive in bed, dating an older woman may not be a good idea. Most older women love being the dominant one in the relationship since they have years of experience and have been through it all.

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