Checkout What Happened On Valentine’s Day And I Am Sure You Will Be Ecstatic!

what happened on valentine’s day

Beyond the glamour, the razzmatazz and the red-like depiction of love that characterized Valentine’s Day, there were many unbelievable events that happened during this valentine.

Well, you may think that it was only when the mannequins at the boutique shops wear red dresses, positioned to advertise the sale of the dresses, that portray the spirit of Valentine’s day. Or perhaps, when you saw the beautiful dolls for sale along the main roads, you felt that St. Valentine, the martyr himself, has resurrected.

Well, you haven’t seen anything. Check out these five unbelievable events that happened this Valentine. And I am sure you will be ecstatic!

#1 Some got Engagement Ring: well, I don’t expect you to ask me who and who got engaged. Take a closer look at the turn of events during this valentine, you will notice that amidst the red colours that cloud the celebration, men and women were grinning from ear to ear. And do you know the reason? Love! And this kind of love comes with an engagement ring. Now, I implore you to check your vicinity and you will understand what I mean when I said that some got an engagement ring this valentine as many will soon start to bring their wedding invitation to your doorsteps in soonest, watch out!

#2 Dino Meleye and Senator Oluremi Tinubu Dressed in Red : perhaps cute is an understatement considering the attire that Meleye and Tinubu’s wife wore to the senate-house on Wednesday. I am sure you will be glad to see them in such flamboyant red attire.

#3 Jacob Zuma resigned: Waoh! After 9 years in power, Zuma thinks that it is time he resigned from the presidential seat of South Africa. Perhaps, he did that in the spirit of Valentine which is characterized by love. With Valentine’s tide, Zuma followed it and he gave himself a red card before the people decides for him.

#4 Some got Ditched: that sounds impossible, right? It actually happened this valentine. It is a case of love gone sour for some people in their relationship. Tears here, tears there, though in the closest, you may not suspect anything.

#5 Great Comeback: couples at the verge of divorce were reconciled. You may not notice that the marriage of Mr. X and Mrs. X was at the edge of the cliff before now. But with the celebration of love, the storm became calm. Sure enough, watch out for the renewed laughter in the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. X.

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