10 Best Places To Propose In The World

It is every woman’s dream to have a surprise proposal graced by her close friends, family or just the two of you.

Proposals are the best way to ask your partner to marry you and in all honesty, it has to be better than that of her friend or cousin. In short, you have to think outside the box to make it memorable and unforgettable.

As you pick your mind for ideas, make sure she will it and not feel embarrassed. Not everyone loves public attention so factor that in before you go proposing in the middle of a football game.

And as you’re planning to do so, don’t take too long or you may not be able to secure a good place. You also need to mark a convenient date, especially for a group surprise when most people can avail themselves.

To help you get down on one knee here are some of the best places you can choose to propose at:

1. Family dinner

Breaking big news in a small intimate gathering of close family members is always a special moment. You can begin by having a tribute to get everyone’s attention then go for the big question. Not only will you get blessings from family, but this ferments the seriousness of your commitment and towards each other.

2. During a romantic walk

This is a great idea especially if you both enjoy walks and it happens to be your thing. Just as the sun is setting surprise her and go down on one knee and ask her to marry you. Considering how emotional and unexpected the proposal may be, don’t forget to take a few photos or hire a photographer to capture every moment. You will be glad you did.

3. At the movies

It may sound cliché but there’s so much you can do while at the cinemas. You can decide to do a late-night movie then boom, have the words pop up at the end of the movie as you get down on one knee and wait for her yes!

4. Photo shoot session

We all know how obsessed Kenyans have become with capturing every milestone in their lives. Be it a graduation, baby bump photo shoot or a birthday, photo shoots have become big business. If she happens to love this, invite a few of her close friends and plan an engagement photo shoot without her knowledge. As she’s busy posing or getting dolled up, surprise her by going down on one knee as her friends come out shouting and cheering for her.

5. While on vacation

This has never been a letdown! During the trip you can decide to go for an evening walk or dinner then you choose the right time to ask the big question. You can even ask for dessert and destruct her when she’s not looking at you and place the ring on her plate.

6. At the mall

If she doesn’t mind being on the spotlight, make a public proposal by taking her to her favourite mall for coffee as you mobilize your crew. You can hire a group of dancers, acrobats or instrumentalists to carry the point home. As you’re about to leave, let them bomb her with a routine as you kneel down and ask her to marry you. You can also involve some of your friends and loved ones by wearing ‘Will you marry me’ t-shirts or having them use placards. Not only will she forever remember this special day, but the public too will live to tell tales of the romantic proposal.

7. At the beach

Pop the question by writing out the words, ‘Will you marry me,’ on the sand before the water washes it away and ask her to look down as you get the ring out. She won’t see it coming.


8. During a romantic night

You don’t have to spend much to propose. Quite the contrary. Plan a romantic evening for her by throwing rose petals from the door to the bedroom and waiting for her to open the door and pop the question. Finish it off with a candle-lit home dinner or her favourite glass of wine.

9. During the New Year party

Now this will be an epic way to usher in a New Year, right? You can wait for the countdown and the fireworks then ask the question. This will be a good way to celebrate both the proposal as well as the beginning of a new dawn.

10. At work

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but believe me, it may be one of the best places your lady may want to be proposed at. Let the whole world know that she’s the one by organizing a surprise proposal with some of her closest colleagues and ask her to marry you in their presence. Cut a cake, bring along a massive card and her favourite flowers if you have to. Let her be the envy of her friends.

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