BBMzansi: Yoli Regrets Being Too Real In The House Instead Of Strategic [Video]

Yoli laments about her BBMzansi experience during her exit interview.

She believes if she’d known then what she knows now, she would have played the game like other Housemates but with more grace. She would’ve been more calculating and played the game how hard the others were playing it in the house, or at least she would’ve tried. She thinks she was too real in a game where people weren’t, where people were playing strategies and using other people as pawns


Yoli when asked who she looked up to in the house, her answer was Sis Tamara. She really enjoyed them and their authenticity.

She thinks Sis Tamara is going to win, she hopes Sis Tamara wins because it’s necessary for South Africa if she wins. But she also thinks Nale or Terry could also win based on what she has seen from fans since she got evicted.

Yoli says it would make her very happy if Thato wins.

On her friendship with Thato, Yoli says they were really close and Thato became a friend to her, and she sees that going past the house because Thato is an authentic person.

Watch Yoli’s exit video below:

YouTube video

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