BBMzansi: Norman Reveals He Had An Amazing Time In The House

Norman says he’s realized that he’s just stubborn, so it was hard for him to switch up and be someone else in the House.

He’s ready to tell his story, including owning up about his interest in Thato now that he’s about to meet his girlfriend.

Norman says Mphowabadimo irritated him the most in the house, he couldn’t understand how anyone could be so comfortable being so fake, he thinks it’s weird. He also confessed that Ntahbii’s friendship with Mpho was also irritating.

He hopes Gash1 and Thato keeps up and don’t slip up because the show keeps people on their toes.

Norman says the BBMzansi experience was amazing especially for him who comes from a situation where he has very little. He’s even grateful about the fights about the food and being in a position where he can eat.

About whom he looks up to in the house, Norman says he looks up to Thato because she’s smart, and she’s a good person with a good heart and Gash1 because he’s amazing and selfless.

He’d like either Thato or Gash1 to win the R2million.

The biggest snake in the according to Norman is definitely Mpho.

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