MUST READ!! 7 Signs You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

MUST READ!! 7 Signs You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Not all abuse is physical, emotional abuse can be as bad as
physical abuse, and they tend to stay longer in mind than physical

If you have been experiencing these signs below then you are in an abusive relationship and then you should back out of such a

1. He doesn’t respect your opinion

It is one thing for your spouse to love spending quality time with
you but when the person you’re with starts isolating you from family and friends, there’s a problem. It’s healthy for you to have relationships outside of the relationship with your significant other. Don’t let them
tell you otherwise.

2. Arguments tend to escalate quickly

Occasional arguments are not uncommon in relationships, and are not always unhealthy but arguments in emotionally abusive relationships are.

These arguments tend to escalate quickly and have no end point. Even day-to-day conversation can escalate to physical abuse, so beware.

3. You are the only reason why the relationship is still on

When you are with or not with him, he makes you feel you are the one begging for the relationship. And makes you think you are the crazy person. Building a relationship consist of the two partners so it shouldn’t be you alone.

4. He makes you feel jealous and cheats on you

He intentionally makes you feel jealous because he knows that even after he makes you feel that way because he knows that even if he comes back over and over again, you will still accept him back.

5. He treats you like a pet more than he treats you like a person

He makes you feel inhuman and treats you less of what you should be.

6. He makes you feel inferior

You go out of your way to make him happy; there is nothing wrong in wanting to make your partner happy but when you find yourself displeasing make sure you back out of that kind of relationship.

7. You are afraid of him

If you feel any form of fear around the person you’re in a relationship with, it’s time to walk away.

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