7 Relationship Myths You Should Stop Having If You Want To Be Happier

Relationship myths are those set expectations that we have all been taught at one point or another.

There are those beliefs like when you find your soul mate you will automatically feel it and you will live happily after. If you rely on these myths you end up having standards that do not make sense, you think you should live in a Cindrella reality while in reality that is not how it works. If you stop having these relationship myths there is a high chance that you will be happier.

1. Happy couples never fight.

This is perhaps one the biggest lies I have ever come across. Couples fight but healthy ones learn to get through them. They hold discussions, they learn to say sorry and create relevant solutions. However, couples that fight all the time over nothing may end up becoming irritated and even break up.

2. If you don’t have cex regularly then someone will cheat.

Someone will cheat whether you have cex everyday or you don’t. Cheating is a decision that someone makes willingly even if you give them all you have.

3. Good relationships are easy and don’t need a lot of work.

No relationship is easy, people just find a way of accepting each other and enjoying each others company. Staying in a relationship is a decision and not a must.

4. Getting a baby will solve all your problems.

Please only get babies when you are ready for them. They are a great responsibility and not some form of insurance for your crumbling relationship.

5. He/she will change after marriage.

Nope, they will be the same. Marriage is like a legal contract between two people,the paperwork that is. But the person you’re with does not miraculously change because you said ‘i do’.

6. People don’t change.

People can change but only when they want to.

7. You need to spend all your time with your other half.

This is unhealthy, people need space to grow and continue finding themselves. It is good to spend time together but it is also wise to spend time with family, friends and with yourself.

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Alamu Tosin

The writer is Alamu Tosin. I have three strong passions in life — football, blogging and movies — in that order. I love spending time with friends talking about the important things in life and hate nothing more than ‘authority’ and hypocrisy. My personal believe in life is that once an individual sets his/her mind to achieve something, it is totally possible. And oh!, I am a strong Lannister, because I always pay my debt. For writing or fixing gigs, contact [email protected].
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