5 Annoying Habits Every Guy Must Stop Before The Age Of 30

5 Annoying Habits Every Guy Must Stop Before The Age Of 30

Every guy has one bad habit or the other but what makes the habit annoying is constanly showing those habits every now and then.

So below are the list of those anoying habits every guy must stop:

1. Looking at every Lady Backside .

I know most guys are definitely in this category because they can’t just seem to turn away their face from every big behind they see along the road, some even go as far as standing static just to see the backside from a very nice angle.

2. Stalking your Ex on social media .

Guys please your Ex should always remain in your past, stop searching every where on the social media to be updated about her. Though some guys do this just to know if she has really improve in beauty or even in shape.

3. Toasting a Lady on the street.

Most guys are really guilty of this. It shows a sense of irresponsibility to keep stalking a lady by the street side. Approaching a lady by the road side will give them a false impression about you.

4. Travelling across the country to meet a lady you don’t know.

I have seen guys that do travel out of their busy schedule to meet a lady they met on facebook. If you still do this, i bet you are only trying to put your life at risk.

5. Living fake life.

  1. Its okay to give your self some packaging but it’s always annoying if you are still showing off like a 5yr old boy like putting on clothes that doesn’t belong to you, some even go the extent of renting car to go to club.

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