4 Factors To Consider In Choosing A Lifetime Partner

Love is beautiful. Love makes you smile, makes you dream, causes that feeling of “butterflies in the stomach”, makes you sleep well and wake up even better. Love heals and is a fortress, it is shelter and protection. But sometimes it is messy, it is confused, and it is not real love, then a relationship comes to an end. Every end is difficult, changes are difficult.

But for every end, there is a new beginning, is not that the way it is spoken? So, you are feeling that the moment of resumption has arrived, but you do not yet know what to do and how to do it. We are here to help you right now, so here are five essential steps to choosing a new love.

1. Love yourself

This is the first step to take to choose a new love: love yourself. How can you love someone if you do not love yourself? How do you expect someone to respond to this love? What’s more, if you do not value yourself, you can make poor choices about the suitor.

Know your value, your qualities, see beauty and intelligence in you, but have humility too. Raise your self-esteem and make the right choice. Do not lower your standards.

2. Solve yourself

Before choosing a new love, you must know if you are ready for it, if there is any pending of a past relationship. Rest assured that everything is settled, that the past was really in the past. You will avoid hurting yourself and hurting other people.

Ask yourself, “If I’m in a new relationship, would I end it all because my ex-lover came after me?” If the answer is “yes”, solve. If the answer is “I do not know” or “it depends”, solve.

3. Observe

My mother always says that if someone really wants to meet a suitor, they must know how he behaves in front of other people, and how he treats his mother. They say that the way we treat our mother is the way we will treat our spouse.

It is not scientifically proven, but I have realized in many situations that this can be real. If such a person is affectionate toward the mother, or only complains about her, and quarrels with her, so it will probably be with the spouse.

Well, watch. Do not believe everything you hear, know for yourself, see. Do not rush, observe the person, know her. It is certainly difficult to really know a person without living with them 24 hours a day, but to observe enough help.

4. Have patience

Patience … a lot of patience. This attribute is really wonderful and necessary in all situations. Do you want to find a new love? Ok, but do not desperately seek to have in less than a week someone to be your love.

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