10 Ways To Supporting Your Husband 2018 Dreams

Michelle Hammond said, “A man is drawn to a woman who knows how to work with him not against him”.

This is absolute truth, your husband has both open and secret love with his job, and he is having an ‘affair’ with his career; and your nagging, complains and fighting cannot stop the ‘affair’ because it is a legitimate kind of affair.

All you just need to do is to know how to go into his life and heart by supporting him and learn all you can do to help him achieve his dreams in the coming year.

They are:

1. Believe in Him.

No matter what his result is in his work, believe in him. Other men may be getting better result than him; never compare him with them. Don’t base your love and belief in your husband on his result, no! What make you a good friend and lover is your ability to belief in him when there is no result. Love him for who he is not for what he is doing or what he has.

2. Be his friend.

John Mason said, “Your true friends are those who bring out the best in you”. Bring out the best in your husband, be a person of vision, be a friend of his mission.

3. Encourage him in failure.

The time your husband need you most is the time of challenges and failure. Don’t forsake him when he is ‘naked’, stand by him, tell him ‘it is well’ assured him you are still with him, assured him of your love and respect; despite his failure.

4. Celebrate him in success.

When he succeeds; celebrate him no matter how ‘small’ you think his success is. Praise him, celebrate him, and make the success look bigger than it is; you will make him happy and will be ready to do more.

5. Support him financially.

Stand by him financially, help him to stand on his feet, appreciate the little he can do now, trust God for more.

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6. Make the home conducive for him.

Let him always be eager to come back home, don’t let him feel at home at work, and at work at home. He should feel at home in his house. This you can do by making the home look neat and inviting by not been a nag or a frighten, by not been dirty and smelling. Let him always lock to go back home.

7. Have passion for his job.

Don’t just accept his job because of the bills it can pay, develop a passion for it and love it. In as much as your husband loves his job you will do yourself a lot of favour if you love it with all your heart.

8. Pray for him and his job.

Don’t just develop passion for his career, go ahead, and pray for them. Commit your husband work into the hands of the Lord, let the Lord step in and make him the best in it, pray for his protection, progression, promotion and prosperity.

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9. Learn about it.

Get to know one or two things about his job, your husband will find it difficult to discuss or relate with you or have intellectual intercourse with you if you know nothing about his work. Go ahead, ask him questions, read his books, you can’t afford to be ignorant about something that pay your bills and give your husband so much joy, security and fulfillment.

This number 10 is a bonus and it is a potent weapon that will help him multiply his achievements in 2018.

10. Help him to improve.

Do everything within your power to make your husband improve in his own chosen career. Get books for him; encourage him to attend seminars and training workshops.

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