10 Things That Every Guys Really Look For In A Girl (But Rarely Ever Find)

Contrary to popular belief, guys aren’t shallow creatures at all. They aren’t merely mindless zombies who respond to things that only look pretty.

There are many things that go into determining whether or not a man is going to be attracted to a woman. He isn’t just looking for a pretty girl he can stare at all of the time. He’s going to want something more if he’s really going to commit himself to being in a long-term relationship with her. So you can’t only be concerned about how you look if you want to win over the heart of a man. You really need to make sure that you give him the total package.

There are plenty of things that guys look for in women – and a lot of them are super rare finds. If you want to stay ahead of the game, then this article is for you. Make sure that a lot of the things listed on here apply to how you go about your romantic life, then you are bound to have lots of good fortune.

1. Let him feel like he can take care of you.

Yes, you are a strong and independent woman who is fully capable of making it in this world on your own. BUT… you need to still make him feel like he can take care of you. A man always wants to pamper the woman he loves. It’s how he’s going to express his affection for you.

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2. Give him a bit of a challenge.

He’s not going to want you to take it easy on him. He isn’t going to want you to just fall right into his arms without letting him show you what he’s got. He wants to be able to earn you. He wants to feel like he has to put in the work to be worthy of your love and grace.

3. Show him your cooking skills.

Do you want to know why the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Because when you are able to cook for him, you are showing him that you have what it takes to take care of him. You are showing him that you are someone he can really grow old and get serious with.

4. Conduct yourself with grace and poise.

A man always wants to be with a woman who conducts herself with grace and poise. And you shouldn’t take that to mean that you should be so high-strung and rigid all of the time. Being graceful means being able to conduct yourself with confidence and self-assuredness while still being mindful of how others perceive you.

5. Be someone he can feel completely comfortable with.

A man doesn’t want to have to deal with a woman who makes him feel anxious or unnerved. He is going to want to look for a girl who is going to be able to calm the whirlwinds in his life. He wants a woman who is going to make him feel at ease at all times.

6. Show him that you have depth.

You can’t just be another pretty face. You can’t be someone who doesn’t have anything hiding underneath the surface. You need to be someone who is capable of showing great emotional and intellectual depth. You need to have something to show him as he continually peels at your layers.

7. Be humble enough to acknowledge your own shortcomings.

Don’t be so proud or naïve to think that you are perfect and that you are without your flaws. You need to know that men can truly appreciate women who are humble enough to acknowledge when they screw up; women who are humble enough to apologize whenever they do something wrong. And the best thing about humility is that it always shows potential for growth and development.

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8. Kindness and thoughtfulness.

Who wouldn’t want kindness and thoughtfulness in any kind of human being? It’s such a rarity to find a truly kind and thoughtful in this modern age. To be kind and thoughtful these days would be such a luxury for any man to find in a woman.

9. Be your genuine self.

He’s going to want you to be as genuine and as true as possible. He wouldn’t want to be made to feel like he has to decipher who you are or how you act. He wants to be able to trust you for how you present yourself.

10. Be independent.

Always be a strong and independent woman who can take care of yourself. You need to show him that you don’t really need to depend on him to survive. Yes, earlier on in this list, it was said that you need to let him take care of you – but only because he wants to. It should never be something that is out of necessity. You can’t make him feel like you depend on him too much for your own survival.

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