You Will Never Find Your Mr. Right If You Do These 10 Things

If you are finding it hard to find Mr Right, the truth could be that you are simply trying too hard. When you are searching for that special guy, and you keep ending up with the wrong ones, you can start to feel that there is no one out there who is right for you.

The truth is, though, there really is someone for everyone and Mr Right is probably waiting for you in the most unexpected of places. So, don’t give up all hope. Read these ten things that might get in the way of you finding the perfect man for you, if you keep on doing them.

1. Rushing things

One sure way to scare guys away is to start talking about marriage and children in the first date! Men need time to come around to making a commitment of any kind, so don’t try to force the pace with the next guy you meet. If it’s going to happen, it will happen. Give him the space to come to that decision in his own good time.

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2. Dating the wrong type of guys

This might sound a little too obvious but, have you ever considered that you might be dating the wrong type of guys? You might think that you know the type of guys that would suit you but you can’t really know until you have tried dating the other types too.

3. Setting your expectations too high

Are you being too picky? It could be that you have a list of the qualities that you expect in a man and your list might be simply too long. You have standards and there will be some things that you can’t budge on but the best man in the world for you might be a man that doesn’t meet 100% of all the requirements that are on your wish-list.

4. Not getting out enough

This too may sound a little bit too obvious but, if you always go out to the same places and with the same group of friends, you will always meet the same people. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try going to places you haven’t been to before and then you will meet new people. You could try changing your normal daily routine too. You never know who you might bump into, even if you just change where you go for a cup of coffee.

5. Writing people off too quickly

Don’t be too quick to write a guy off after just one or two dates. You really can’t get to know someone in just one or two nights out, so unless he does something really dreadful, give the guy a chance to find his feet and open up to you a bit more. First dates are really unnatural and awkward for both people, so get to know someone a bit better before you decide that they are not right for you.

6. Hanging out with friends too much

Perhaps you are dissuading the right kind of guys from even approaching you. If you hang out with your friends all the time, men are quite likely to be put off and they won’t want to come and talk to you. If you do go out with your friends, get some time to yourself and then you will find that men will be a lot more willing to approach you.

7. Assuming that there is no Mr Right for you

It could also be that you have resigned yourself to thinking that there is no Mr Right for you. Perhaps you have had a bad experience in the past, or you think that no one will ever love you. If you have got into this way of thinking, then you will probably be giving out all the wrong signals. Have a little more faith, both in yourself, and in men.

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8. Not looking

It would be nice if Mr Right did just turn up one day, but it’s very unlikely that is the way that you will meet the right man. Making an effort to look for a man doesn’t mean that you are desperate; it just means that you will get to meet more guys, so you will have a better chance of meeting the right one.

9. Trying too hard to attract guys

You can over-do your attempts to attract guys too. Dressing in a provocative way and trying to be the life and soul of every party will get you attention, but it might not be the right type of attention. Be yourself, relax and let your own personality to do the talking. Mr Right is going to be a guy that loves who you are, not the person that you pretended to be at a party.

10. Jumping into bed too fast

Take your time getting intimate too, because a lot of men do judge a girl on how quickly she is prepared to go to bed with them. Let him wait for a while and, if he is the right type of guy, he will wait and he will respect you more for it in the long run.

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