Yemi’s Management Condemn The Threats To Ebuka and His Family, Apologise

The management of Big Brother Titans housemate, Yemi Cregx has condemned and apologized to host Ebuka over a clash with a ‘Yemi fan’.

Earlier this morning a screenshot went where a fan of Yemi was cursing the family of BBNaija host, Ebuka for “shaking Yemi’s tables” during the Sunday eviction. However, the wife o Ebuka who was triggered by the comment of the troll lambasted the troll and cursed him back.

Amidst the ongoing clash, the management of Yemi has come out to condemn the act of Yemi’s fan; adding that Ebuka was doing his job as a host. Management has also apologized to Ebuka and his family.

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Official Press Release

We’ve noted with disappointment the threats issued to the Big Brother Titan Host @ebuka.
Yemi is and has always been a huge fan of Ebuka. One of the many talents of Yemi that he has always showcased is his ability to host a show and put up a show to entertain people.

He has always loved to make people laugh, make them happy and entertained, and so we understand that both Yemi and Ebuka are simply doing their jobs and doing them amazingly well..

We condemn the threats to Ebuka and his family in the strongest terms and reiterate that the Cregxforce will not resort to bullying or violence. We’re flattered by the love Yemi continues to get and want to assure Cregxforce that Yemi does not take this for granted. He is such a beautiful soul and we can’t wait for him to bring the title home and keep showing the other beautiful sides of Yemi.”


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