Yahoo: Twitter Comes For Efe Over ‘Stupid’ Tweet

A Big Brother Nigeria winner, Efe has come under fire on social media for a tweet he posted when he waded into the trending topic about Yahoo boys and the EFCC.

The rapper tweeted: “Yahoo boys bring money into the economy, Politicians steal money and take it out of our economy. Nigerians please who is justified?”

Nigerians were certainly not impressed with this tweet and they made this clear in the responses.

Fa’ad Abubakar‏ said: “This is what happens when stupid shows make intellectually handicap people make money easily. They suddenly think that the money comes with sense.”

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Another twitter personality Tega said: I just pity the people who wasted their hard earned cash to win you 25mil so you can glorify fraudsters on here.

Seyi said; Neither. Theft is theft. Imagine waking up and not finding your winnings in your account and being told that it has been used to enrich the economy of another poorer country.

Fidel Peter said; “Yahoo boys bring money into the economy” Is this the economics you read in the school? I am highly disappointed by your inability to call a spade a spade, yahoo (internet fraud) is unarmed robbery and such acts should be condemned.

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Another called Geeman tweeted: “You have to delete this post. This is very unreasonable from someone looked upon by a number of young ones out there. You don’t celebrate criminality, you condemn it. Disgusted already.”

This all stemmed from comments made by Noble Igwe who in reaction to the arrest of 12 yahoo boys by the EFCC had listed certain businesses that are being used as fronts for money laundering. While come Nigerians have applauded the move, others have gone on to call the fashionista a snitch.

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