“Write my name in the book of Life” Uche Nnanna prays after playing Mary, the mother of Jesus


Praise is ringing in for Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Uche Nnanna Maduka as she plays the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus in Passion of Christ.

As Friday, April 6th marked Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ died, many churches held drama nights and programs.

Uche Nnanna’s church, The Catholic Church of Transfiguration VGC, wasn’t an exception, as they held a Passion of Christ Drama.

In videos captured online, Uche Nnanna who played the role of Mary was seen in a blue dress as she mourn over Jesus Christ’s death.

Captioning the video, Uche Nnanna described the experience as the agony and pains of being a mother.

She stated that no mother should ever witness the death of her child.

Speaking on her role, Uche Nnanna stated that it’s an honor for her to play the role again for the fourth time.

Uche Nnanna pleaded with Mary, to write her name in the Book of Life.

“The Agony and Pains of a Mother. No mother should ever witness this type of pain. It’s an honor again today to play the role of Mother Mary in my Parish making it the 4th time. The Catholic Church of Transfiguration VGC in The Passion of Christ Drama.

Mother Mary, I have represented you again here on earth. Lord. please I beg you on the first day when the roll call will be made, let my name be found in the Book of Life. So help me God. Amen”


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