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Woman Laments After Her Food Was Stolen, Vows To Use Poison Next Time (Photo)

A woman whose food has been stolen constantly – has vowed to take a drastic measure to put an end to it. The mother of two who loves cooking but can’t enjoy her food – said poison will await the thieves, if they steal her food again.

The South African woman identified as Nomsa Njalivana said her problem started two months ago.

“After I had finished cooking, I’d place the food in containers and put them in the fridge,” Nomsa told Daily Sun. “When I came back my containers and the food were gone. I didn’t think it would happen again.”

But the Nyaope boys (boys who take drugs) struck again on Monday. This time they not only stole food but pots as well.

The 28-year-old from Khayelitsha in Mangaung, Free State, said she had cooked stew, pumpkin and potato salad.

She then dashed to the shops to buy cool drink. When she returned she found the lock on her fridge broken and all her pots gone, along with her food.

“I don’t know why thugs target me,” Nomsa told the People’s Paper. “I’m not the only person who cooks nice meals.

“I once gave a nyaope boy food. “Maybe he told the others about my food and they now want more.”

She said she would have given them food if they had just asked for some.

“They shouldn’t steal my food,” said Nomsa. “I’m asking the thugs to please bring back my pots,” “I didn’t open a case. Instead, I’ll pray for the thugs to be punished.”

The thugs apparently target cooked food. Residents said once they cooked they had to hide the food under the bed or inside the wardrobe.


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