Woman ‘Demands £1 Million Breakup Fee’ From Her Ex-boyfriend (Photos)

A woman in east China who demanded 10 million yuan (£1.1 million) ‘breakup fee’ from her ex-boyfriend was infuriated when he only showed up with two million (£230K) in his pocket.

The woman was reportedly so angry she left the money in a bar and went home.

The news came to light when the police were informed a suitcase ‘burst with cash’ had been found in a bar.

Staff working at the bar in Hangzhou’s West Lake, Zhejiang Province, found the suitcase while closing the business at around 1am, according to Hangzhou News. Whilst moving the luggage to the storage, he mistakenly dropped the luggage and it popped open on the floor, revealing £230k worth of cash, stacked up in hundred-yuan banknotes.

Hangzhou police arrived upon receiving a report from the staff at the pub. ‘We confirmed that these are all real bank notes,’ said police officer Ma Jiansheng.

One hour later, the man, said to be in his 20s, went to the police station and claimed he had left his luggage at a pub nearby. His alleged ex-girlfriend was also called to the police station to assist.

He explained that his ex-girlfriend had demanded a ‘breakup fee’ and he had brought his offer to meet her. ‘I told her there was two million yuan in the suitcase, then I left,’ he said.

The woman, claimed to be in her 20s, told the police that ‘he only gave me two million’. ‘I didn’t take it. I sent him a text message telling him I had left the suitcase at the pub,’ she told the police.

The police returned the cash to the man and asked him to check and confirm the amount.

It’s said the man is from a wealthy family and works in the IT industry.

The pair thanked the police officers and left the police station.

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