Wizkid Goes Nollywood: Music Superstar Announces Acting Debut and Extends Music Break

Nigerian music icon Wizkid has revealed his intention to pursue a career in acting, taking a break from his musical endeavors for a while. The “Essence” hitmaker, who previously announced a three-to-four-year hiatus from the studio, is now considering extending it to six years.

In an Instagram story, Wizkid expressed his desire to explore the world of acting, stating, “Shebi I tell una I one dey act film!…I just want dey kiss and shoot a gun for a movie. Daz all!!” This revelation comes just a day after he was spotted with renowned Nollywood filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, sparking speculations about potential acting collaborations.

Wizkid’s acting aspirations add another dimension to his multifaceted career, demonstrating his willingness to step outside his comfort zone and explore new creative avenues. His decision to extend his music break suggests a desire to fully immerse himself in acting without the distractions of music production and promotion.

Fans eagerly await Wizkid’s foray into acting, anticipating the captivating performances he will bring to the screen. His charisma and stage presence undoubtedly translate well to the film industry, promising a captivating cinematic experience for his audience.

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