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Why you don’t need to beg her to marry you

– If you beg a lady to marry you, you may have to keep begging her to stay in the marriage.

I wonder why sometimes, we fall in love with people who don’t reciprocate our feelings. There are occasions where a guy would propose to a lady and the lady would say no.

When the lady says no, the guy may not want to accept it in good fate, so he would start begging the lady to accept the proposal.

He may buy gifts spend money just to impress her, in fact he may even steal to buy gifts to influence the lady’s decision.

You need to know that you can’t buy love, you can only buy the fake one. True love is free.

Therefore, if it gets to the stage where you would need to start begging a lady to marry you, then stop. It is a red signal.

I am not trying to say you should not beg a lady to marry you, of course, you may have to beg, it is normal.

Just don’t do the abnormal begging like crying, prostrating and buying her gifts to accept you. Don’t be desperate.

Be yourself. Don’t do what you would otherwise not do. Besides, If you beg her to marry you now, you would have to keep begging her to stay in the marriage.

Anything you get through begging would need to be maintained by begging.

Propose to a lady that won’t tolerate but celebrate you. If the lady loves you, she would accept you but if you keep begging and influencing her decision with gifts, the lady might decide to pity you and marry you, but what about after marriage? It is likely that you may endure and not enjoy the marriage.

If she tells you that you are not her type, leave. It is not a big deal. You can still meet your type. There are many other fishes in the ocean. Many other people would like you, so don’t waste your time trying to beg someone to marry you, besides the journey is too long for you to keep begging.

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