Why You Haven’t Found Your Real Love ?

For some time now, finding the right person has eluded you. You even seem stranded on the marital road and you are continually depressed. The last person you loved just snubbed you and moved away but you have not walked away from the horror of the snub.

Perhaps these five things could be the reasons you are still stranded, without the right person to love you for who you are, without the laughter that you keep nursing every now and then.

1. Rushing into things

You may have rushed things really fast. Yes, I know you love the person and you are overwhelmed at the butterfly running in your belly. And you didn’t check again the kind of feeling you are having, you jump into the relationship and you are all teary now. Take a little time off and reflect on it!

2. You limit your options

You must have limited your options. You must have said you cannot be engaged to a particular person because of their academic qualification or because of their background. You are only waiting for the perfect guy but you have forgotten that perfection isn’t in your making. Even you, you aren’t perfect!

3. Self-fulfilling prophecy

Ask yourself, what exactly are you saying to yourself. If you keep giving yourself negative feedback like, “I’ll be alone forever,” “I’ll never find the one” or “True love isn’t for me,” then your odds of finding the love of your life will significantly diminish. Nobody likes a negative Nancy, and desperation isn’t very attractive either.

4. You’re looking too hard

Who hasn’t heard a story from some happy couple about how they “never expected” to meet one another? But there’s actual validity to this. It may be hard to believe, but stay with me for a moment: your true soulmate will love you for who you are. The reason why so many couples were surprised by their futures with their soulmates because when they met them, they were just being themselves with no added airs. Instead of looking for a soulmate, be your own soulmate, and when you meet your other half, it’ll feel beautifully natural.

5. Not making moves

Don’t stay at home! Go out and make friend with other people. Put yourself in comfortable social situations were you can meet new people; friends of friends, clubs, etc. And if you happen to meet someone you think is cool, ask them to hang out, or if you’re feeling bold, go out. Getting out and having a good time is a great first step to meeting potential loves because you’ll be in a relaxed mindset: the perfect one for meeting your soulmate.

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