Why Women Cheat On Husbands With A Married Man – Seyi Law Reveals

Famous stand-up comedian, Seyi Law, questions the logic behind ‘revenge affairs’ from women who cheat on their husbands with another married man.

In a post via the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, the comedian who once played a divorce prank on his wife drops his two cents on why he believes women engage in such unfaithfulness.

According to Seyi Law, it is never an act of revenge as claimed, rather it is a reflection of what the woman was all along.

“How do women claim to leave their marriage because the main cheated, only to be sleeping with a married man or how are you in a marriage and you claim your husband is cheating and you revenge by cheating with a married man or someone who is engaged.
I don’t think it is revenge driving you. You’re just exhibiting who you have always been,” he wrote.

Seyi Law

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