Why Slim Girls Are Better in Bed Than Thick Girls – Mavin Boss, Don Jazzy Shares Secret

The Nigerian song producer Don Jazzy has given reasons why it’s better to have a slim girl in bed than girls who are thick and curvy.

He spoke on media personality Chinasa Anukam’s podcast, “Is This Seat Taken?” in which he openly admitted to being attracted to petite women.

In a widely shared video, Mavin Records’ chief executive revealed his enthusiasm for the seductive benefit of a cute, protruding “backside” on certain slender women.

He freely said that he had believed skinny women lacked in the buttocks area. But when he began dating and found out this assumption was wrong, his viewpoint changed.

Don Jazzy went on to say that slim women make better partners for sexual intimacy.

“You’ll be feeling like they probably do not have an ass. There is ass there. What do you want to do with the excess on the big ones? It will just be there,” he stated.

The music entrepreneur pointed out that, given his weight, it’s only sensible for him to prefer going out with slim ladies rather than those with a thicker build.


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