Why many Ladies now rush to white garment Churches

Many Nigeria celebrity babes now attend white garment churches mainly because of Spiritual assistance which is known as ETO or ISE.

You necessarily don’t have to be a member of these churches before they can offer you this service. There are occasions where some committed members of other Pentecostal Churches visit white garment churches for this Special Spiritual Assistance whenever they are facing one problem or the other.


Likewise, we have Muslims who also visit white garment churches for this spiritual assistance. It was gathered that not all white garment churches believe in this spiritual work, but the majority of them do.

Why do you think these babes now rush to white garment churches? Even the so-called Alhajas also visit white garment churches.

Let us explain. Not all of them attend these churches because they want to become a member or because they love the church. They visit the church because they want Quick Miracle. They don’t want to go through the stress of Fasting and Praying which is the Doctrine of many Pentecostal Churches.

Did we also tell you that they pay huge amounts of money for this special prayer assistance, depending on what they want and what is involved? These babes believe strongly that they will surely get solutions to all their problems once they do this special Eto and that is why they spare no cost in getting it done.

We also gathered that this Special ETO is done with different things such as Candles, Soaps, Perfumes, Brooms, Incense. Depending on the person’s problem, Some also use Hens, Ducks, Goats even Cow to prepare some of this ETO.

Sources revealed that they use Goats, Cows for some people for Redemption which is called Irapada in Yoruba, which means they use the goat, duck or Cow to represent the person’s life when he or she gets a vision of premature death. This brings us to one of the reasons why these babes rush to white garment churches and it is “Vision or Revelation”.

Revelation is one thing members and non-members of white garment churches don’t joke with. It is believed that Revelation is one of the greatest gifts of white garment churches, they have the gift of seeing things before they happen. The spiritual gift of prophecy is also one of the reasons.

And after all these prophecies, they still back it up with special spiritual assistance, Like we said earlier, they make use of soaps for some of this ETO, we gathered that they have different soaps for different problems.

They have Favour Soap which is called “Ose Anu”, they have Back to Sender Soap, Let no Man trouble me soap which is called Eyonu Awon Agba, Victory Soap which is called Ose Isegun and lots more. Depending on the type of problem the person is facing some use this Eto to get contracts, Promotions at work, Sales in Business.

Another reason why these celeb babes attend is the spiritual work they do for them to attract rich men. They call it “Attraction Soap”. They might be asked to go and use it to bathe in the river and sometimes this is done at midnight.

They also make you of candles. Celestials stick to white candles while Cherubim and Seraphim use different colours of candles to prepare some of the Eto. It is important to note that not all white garments churches believe in this ETO or ISE.

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