Why I Can’t Marry One Wife – Speed Darlington (Video)

Nigerian musician and internet sensation, Darlington Okoye aka Speed Darlington, has that he cannot marry only one woman.

He stated this while featuring on The Honest Bunch podcast, adding that a man is not supposed to be with one woman.

Akpi, as he is fondly called, said there is so much temptation that comes with being with one wife that he would not be able to handle.

He said humans are only forcing themselves to accept the principle of monogamy because we see ourselves as being superior to animals.

Speed Darlington claimed that the history of African society shows that it has not been known to practice monogamy.

He also said that rather than having to cheat on his wife, he would prefer to be a polygamous man with the hopes that his partner is open to the idea.

Watch the interview:

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