Why Do Guys Like Big Thighs So Much In Ladies

In the early 2000s, the “look” was the waif-thin girl with a thin waist, thin legs and a stick figure. Now, the popular look has started to change.

Thanks, in part, to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, curvy figures and big thighs are starting to come back in style. Part of this change is just because it is the “in” style for physiques right now, but there are also evolutionary reasons why a guy might like someone with larger hips and thighs.

Evolution and Big Things

Over millions of years, the genetics that are successfully passed down are the ones that provided some type of benefit. Stronger bodies, smarter minds and opposable thumbs made it to the present because people with these qualities were more likely to find a mate, have children and raise those children to adulthood.

When it comes to big thighs, there may be an evolutionary reason why someone would want a partner with big thighs. Larger hips, for example, indicate that someone can more readily bear children without complications. A bit of extra weight shows that the woman is healthy and can nurse children. Big thighs fall into this category. Having big thighs could be an evolutionary signal that the woman is both healthy and of child-bearing age.

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Why Do Guys Like Big Thighs Now?

The media plays a powerful role in shaping what is viewed as attractive. If you look at what is viewed as attractive around the world, you won’t find the same look or figure everywhere. Some cultures prefer ladies to be larger, thinner, taller or shorter than others. At the moment, the United States seems to be going through a switch where stick thin is no longer the most popular look. Part of this is because of what is portrayed as attractive in the media. Another part of this is caused by other ongoing fads.

Currently, green living, organic food and off-grid lifestyles are becoming popular. All of these fads focus on things like healthy living and living in a sustainable fashion. Having to constantly diet to remain rail thin is neither sustainable or healthy. Instead, people tend to go for looks that focus on being healthy. If you are getting enough exercise, you are not going to have stick-thin thighs. You will build a bit of muscle tone that makes your legs look more athletic and healthy. This is a good thing—you want to be healthy, and muscle tone can really boost your image as well.

Athletic Versus Pleasantly Plump

Everyone has different tastes, so there are some guys who like thin thighs, some guys who like big thighs and many guys in between. In general though, most guys prefer toned, athletic thighs. This is because toned thighs (regardless of size) look better, and because it is healthier. While some guys may still be fine with big thighs of any sort, the majority are going to prefer big thighs that got that way through muscle tone.

The End of the Thigh Gap

Thankfully, the end of the thigh gap seems near. In case you missed this unhealthy craze, it was when girls wanted thighs that did not touch and had a gap between them. The myth of the thigh gap perpetuated eating disorders and unhealthy body images everywhere. In reality, you only have a thigh gap because of the length of your femoral heads and width of your hip bones. You cannot diet to get a thigh gap because your bone structure is responsible for it. If you naturally have a thigh gap, great—beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. If you do not naturally have a thigh gap, the last thing you should do is diet unhealthily to reach a physically impossible body type.

The new trend is to be healthy. Strong, healthy physiques have replaced skinny as the ideal body type. This new trend has even become a hashtag with #GirlsWhoLift becoming popular among fitness coaches and workout enthusiasts.

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Best of all, your thighs could mean that you have a healthier heart. In a 2009 Danish study, a correlation was found between thicker thighs and a lower risk of heart disease. Plus, the same study found that thicker thighs were correlated to longer lives. While this was just a correlation, it does indicate that having thicker thighs could be good for your health. Your body needs muscle mass to deal with insulin properly. If you do not have that muscle mass, you are more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease. As long as your big thighs are caused by your healthy workouts, you can enjoy a healthier, longer life.

The bottom line is that there are certainly guys who do like big thighs. Big thighs are now seen as a part of the popular, sexy physique. Best of all, this new trend is actually good for your health and easier to attain. Embrace your natural body type, stay healthy and love your thighs!

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