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Why A Working Class Lady Will Appreciate 5k More Than A University Girl – John Doe, Relationship Adviser

Popular relationship counselor, John Doe, has given men a hint on the type of women they should be giving money.

He said that a girl in the university will most likely not appreciate 5,000 she received from a man, however, a working class lady would react differently.

According to the Twitter Influencer, when a man gives 5k to a female graduate who works, she would be grateful because she knows the value of money.

said; “Give a university girl 5k, & she will most likely not be grateful. Give a working class lady that’s is a graduate, 5k, and she will appreciate it because she knows the value of money.

Uni girls that want to use the latest iPhones just because they have (something down there?) Mtsheew. End.

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