Why 90% Single Women are Attracted to Men with Wedding Rings (Here)

Why Single Women are Attracted to Men with Wedding Rings

The wedding ring is a symbol of marital ownership. It is a sign of responsibility. It is an emblem of a happy family life.

The first example of the wedding ring can be traced to ancient Egypt, though western customs for wedding rings are evident in ancient Rome and Greece. And subsequently, this custom was transferred to Christendom in Europe. In short, the wedding ring has become a great phenomenon for many people in different parts of the world. And it has become a sign of bonding in the marital lives of people.

However, for many women today, especially some single women, a wedding ring in the finger of a married man answers the questions of kindness, faithfulness and a better father to the children.

Researchers from the Universities of St Andrews, Durham and Exeter referred to this as “attractiveness boost.” In essence, a man with a wedding ring is desired by other women. This man, because of the wedding ring, has already proven that he has some good characteristics that every single woman wants.

Though it is a mental assumption by the single women, the “wedding ring effect” could be the boost that attracts them to married men. The result of this mental assumption creates unnecessary and unguided show of attention towards a married man. And this, in essence, could be the major cause of infidelity in many homes today.

It can be argued that some single women who are lured away by the “wedding ring effect” are craving for emotional stability that only family life can give. Other single women do it because of financial dependence. And perhaps, some fulfil their fantasy of the ideal family life. Though their emotional longings are genuine, it is channelled towards the wrong person—the married man.

For the married men, they tend to remove their wedding rings each time they are faced with the challenge of infidelity. The act of removing the wedding ring implies a psychological response to cheat on their spouses in a married relationship.

Some married men remove the wedding ring immediately they leave home, away from the comforting arms of their spouse because they want to feel single again. Perhaps this is a reflection of a home, already dilapidating, though it is still hidden from the outside world.

Or perhaps, it is not about the wedding ring. It is the state of the heart!

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