Who is Jimmy Barnes: Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Relationship & More

One name that stands tall in Australian music is Jimmy Barnes, making his name in the music genre rock, and as a solo artist. Get to know more about this incredible personality, his biography, age, career, net worth, height, relationship and among others.

Jimmy Barnes is a Scottish born Australian singer whose original name is James Dixon Barnes. He has been a solo performer on may stages, and doubles as the lead vocalist for the music band Cold Chisel. Jimmy has had a successful career, achieving 14 remarkable solo number one albums in Australia. Many regard him undoubtedly is the heart and soul of Australian rock and roll.

Jimmy Barnes’ Biography

Born as James Dixon Barnes, he is a Scottish born Australian singer. Jimmy was born on April 28. 1956, making him 67 years old. He is a legendary singer who not only fronted the iconic rock group Cold Chisel but also carved an enviable solo career. He is also a renowned top-selling Australian artists of all time, his musical journey is as captivating as the notes he belts out.

Jimmy was born in the area of Glasgow in Scotland, but later moved to Australia with his mother who had divorced his father at the age of five. On 21st January, 1962, the young prodigy and her mother and siblings arrived in Adelaide, Australia. There seemed to be a musical vigor that pulsates the veins of his family. Jimmy although was not interested in music, his brother John who later in life came under the stage name Swanee encouraged his brother and taught him how to sing.

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In 1981, the maestro took a harmonious detour into matrimonial bliss, tying the knot with Jane Mahoney.

We find not just a singer but a maestro orchestrating a symphony that resonates through generations as we delve into the chords of his life.

Jimmy Barnes’ Nationality

Jimmy Barnes is a Scottish born artist. He moved away from his birth country to Australia, where he has spent majority of his life and music career, at the age of five with his mother.

Where is Jimmy Barnes from?

Jimmy Barnes is from Cowcaddens area of Glasgow, the thrid most populous city in Scotland, United Kingdom.

How old is Jimmy Barnes?

Jimmy Barnes is 67 years old as of 2023.

Jimmy Barnes Family and Siblings

Jimmy was born to Jim Swan, his father who was a prizefighter, and Dorothy, his mother. He was brought up together with four siblings John, Dorothy, Linda, and Alan, whom his mother had all before 21 years. Jimmy has described his childhood environment as a “slum” of alcohol and violence.

Why is Jimmy Barnes famous?

Jimmy Barnes’ fame is primarily because of his musical career as a Australia’s soul of rock and roll. His musical endeavors have etched his name on the hearts of music lovers both in Australia and around the globe.

Jimmy Barnes Career

Raised amidst a challenging environment of alcohol and violence, Barnes found solace in music, driven by the influence of his brother, John Swan, and joined the band Cold Chisel in 1975. Despite a sometimes tumultuous relationship with the band, Cold Chisel gained prominence, releasing five studio albums and earning numerous awards before disbanding in 1983.

Barnes released his debut album, “Bodyswerve,” in 1984, quickly ascending to the top of Australian charts. His subsequent albums, including “For the Working Class Man” (1985) and “Freight Train Heart” (1987), further solidified his status as a solo artist. Beyond his solo ventures, Barnes collaborated with notable musicians, such as INXS and Tina Turner.

Despite facing personal and financial challenges in the mid-1990s, Barnes persisted in his musical journey, releasing albums like “Psyclone” (1995) and “Love and Fear” (1999). In the 2000s, he continued to explore various genres, delving into soul with albums like “Soul Deeper… Songs From the Deep South” (2000). Barnes’s enduring impact led to his induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2005.

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His achievements extend beyond music, including his philanthropic involvement with the Choir of Hard Knocks. Barnes’s legacy continues to evolve, with recent releases like “My Criminal Record” (2019) and the formation of supergroup The Barnestormers in 2023.

Jimmy Barnes Marital Status

Jimmy Barnes is married to Jane Moahoney since 1981.

Jimmy Barnes’ Children

Jimmy Barnes has seven children, four with his wife Jane Mahoney and three others from earlier relationships.

Jimmy Barnes Net Worth

It is estimated that the rock singer, Jimmy Barnes has a net worth of about $25 million, which si attributed to the successful music career Jimmy has had.

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