Who is Elizabeth Reyes? Award Winning Author Passed Away

Award-winning Author and Travel Journalist Elizabeth Reyes have passed away.

What Happened to Elizabeth Reyes?

Award-winning Author and Travel Journalist Elizabeth Reyes have passed away. As per the Source , there is no Official Statement released so far. She is a famous top-selling Author in the USA. Her famous series are Moreno Brothers, Moreno’s (2020) (with Theresa Wegand), Forever Mine (2012), Forever Yours (2014), When You Were Mine (2014), Always Been Mine (2011), Sweet Sofie (2012), Romero (2011), Making You Mine (2011) 5.5. Tangled (2014), Tall Dark & Obnoxious (2020)

Elizabeth Reyes Cause of Death

There has been no official statement regarding the circumstances surrounding Reyes’s death, nor has the cause of his death been made public.

At this point, it is unknown precisely what led to her death apart from the confirmation of his death and the exact cause of the death Elizabeth was not released as well.

To learn more about Elizabeth’s death, we are attempting to get in touch with her friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding the tragic event that brought many people to tears.

Author and Travel Journalist Elizabeth Reyes- Obituary

Born and raised and continues to live in sunny southern California. She’s married and has two wonderful teens. Her love for writing began when she was just a kid though, She never really had any dreams or aspirations of doing it for a living. Then along came the age of eReaders and She saw an opportunity to get her writing out for the world to read without jumping through hoops and getting past the red tape of trying to get traditionally published.

Elizabeth is a Filipino arts and travel journalist who has written numerous travel articles and illustrated books covering the Southeast Asian region

Elizabeth Reyes is a USA Today Best Selling Author of The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, Fate, Looking Glass, De Luca Boys series’ and two stand-alone novels Desert Heat, & Defining Love.

Elizabeth’s Recent statement on Social Media

2022 behave!!! It’s been slow in coming but it’s coming! When Cami, my buddy’s sixteen-year-old kid, came to me to vent, I thought I was doing the right thing. I knew lending an ear to a minor was a slippery slope. But I figured I’d listen to her teenage drama and pass along any information her parents should know about. Except I couldn’t pass along what she’d secretly confided in me about—her father.

After assuring me she had a plan in place and would leave the moment she turned eighteen, I promised not to say or do anything that might land her in foster care. For over a year our bond slowly grew stronger. As a nuance of danger arose when I noticed she’d begun to look at me differently, I knew . . . it was time to leave. Before I could, shit hit the fan.

Her parents had taken me into their home as a trusted friend in need. So, when they got wind of our growing bond, they accused me of betraying their trust by luring their underage daughter into what they referred to as an inappropriate relationship. Months after being banished from their home and Cami’s life forever, I still couldn’t shake the guilt of leaving her in that troubled home.

Only she had no idea how much I had to lose if I didn’t just walk away. Now that she’s reached out with a desperate plea for me to harbor her just until she’s eighteen, there’s no way I can refuse. Despite the risk being so much bigger than when this all started . . Their Secret. Coming 2022. Stay tuned . .

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