When Your Husband Looks At Another Woman What Is He Thinking

When Your Husband Looks At Another Woman What Is He Thinking

Most times, men tend to look at other ladies as more beautiful than their wives. Some men even fall victim to such illusionary life by leaving their wives to the other woman (side chick). Side Chick is the street word for extra-marital relationship.

Here are three reasons you think other ladies are hotter than your wife.

3 Reasons Other Ladies Look Hotter Than Your Wife

You don’t live with them

Well, if you had lived with your side chick for some time, you will be shocked at the mess that she is. Perhaps you are already considering leaving your marriage because of the side chick, you should do a rethink and imagine living with that your side chick for months. Her beauty or is it hotness is a mirage that will vanish once you start living with her.

They have perfected their makeup.

Each time you see your side chick, her make up is always perfect. She must have spent at least an hour before the mirror before she comes out to see you. And since you have always seen her face behind the mask of makeup, you are quick to judge that your side chick is hotter than your wife. This is a timely advice, don’t leave your wife for any side chick.

You don’t tell them about your financial Issues

Have you ever wondered why everything seems okay with your side chick? It is because you never discuss real-life issues like a financial problem with them. Each time you see your side chick you only discuss mundane things like the new movie now in the cinema. Because of that you feel comfortable and burden free. Don’t be deceived by the lightness of the moments. It is just a moment and you should know, moments don’t last. It is standing in true love with your wife that really lasts.

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