4 Signs That Your Spouse Is Ignoring Your Feelings And What To Do

Life for two is not very easy. In some relationships, the signs say more than dialogue.

If you have noticed something wrong in the treatment you receive from your spouse, reflect on these items, if he is ignoring you, that is not the end, but just a beginning of a hard work.

1. Treat you coldly

It is not difficult to identify when treatment is different. It can be a change in the way you look, it can be a crude answer to simple questions, it may be the lack of interest in touching you, not wanting to go hand in hand.

There is no pattern of treatment stimulated for those who love each other. But each couple constructs among themselves ways of relating that demonstrate the affection one has for the other. No longer using these forms of affection is a sign of coldness.

2. He finds no interest in your day’s activity.

You’re very excited to tell a wonderful novelty to your husband. She was promoted at work and could not wait to get home and share her happiness. In reporting your day, you realize that the news did not generate interest in him.

An isolated situation is no parameter to conclude that he is indifferent to his interests. However, if he acts with indifference always before his will, it is a warning sign. Both should care about the welfare of the other. If something is important to one, is also important to the other.

3. He does not care to please you

It is natural for the partner to give up certain things to please his wife; go to some places; to please here and there. Everyone does it somehow. For it to work, it is necessary to sacrifice and counteract some wills to simply please the other party.

When this concern no longer exists because the other is no longer a priority, I think more about my interests than about the well-being of my partner. It becomes unfeasible to give up anything to please you.

4. Spend lots of time away from you

The more tasks he finds away from home, the better. He does not prioritize spending time at your side. Even when you have a present body, the mind remains absent, it is as if you are alone.

He refuses invitations to family gatherings or outings with friends; is always busy; the excuse is work and its responsibilities; being by your side is almost an event.

What to do?

To begin with, any reflection on the two-way relationship needs to be kept in mind what the two parties (couple) need to get the work done. One side fighting alone for the future of the relationship will not save it. On the other hand, there is always a way to resolve and succeed in the end. Do not hand over the points before trying.


Dialogue is the first step. It is extremely necessary a quiet and peaceful approach to communicate what is bothering you. As the conversation progresses, open up your feelings, tell what has hurt you, and suggest new ways to improve it.


Invest also in your change. There is always something we can improve or change. Identify how you are helping your husband ignore his feelings. If so, reflect on your change. It may be that a particular behavior does not fit into the current situation anymore. It can be a habit that you need to eliminate or acquire.


If your goal is to rescue his interest, creatively make the time you are together more interesting. Be more interesting to yourself and then you will arouse the other’s interest in you. We need to reinvent ourselves all the time, so life is composed of phases, because every time we are, we think and act in a certain way. Maybe it’s time to innovate and start a new phase, starting with you, moving on to your relationship, and finally your spouse.

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