What is the entity that creates blocks in layer 2 called correct answer

What is the entity that creates blocks in Layer 2 called? In the context of Layer 2 blockchain technology, a sequencer is a component that facilitates the ordering of transactions in a network. For instance, in Ethereum-based Optimistic Rollup, sequencers process transactions, sequence them in a specific order, and submit the resulting state to the Layer 1 Ethereum blockchain.

In Optimistic Rollup, sequencers are elected by network participants and play a critical role in ensuring the security and integrity of the system. They are incentivized to act honestly and follow the protocol’s rules, as any malicious behavior could result in penalties or loss of reputation. Overall, sequencers are a crucial element of Layer 2 scaling solutions, helping to increase throughput and reduce fees in blockchain networks.

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What is the entity that creates blocks in layer 2 called?

Correct Answer: Sequencer.

A sequencer is responsible for ordering transactions in a blockchain network. In a layer 2 blockchain solution, a sequencer helps to create blocks.

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