What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Boo?

“Even your boo get a boo; a boo! a boo!”. Yes, you might have probably heard Harrysong’s Reggae Blues over a thousand times from radios, home theater systems, and even from roadside speakers. As you hear the song, one word keeps jumping out at you – boo. Yes, the word” boo” has been around for quite a while. In fact, it has become the lingo in so many relationships.

In this day and age there are so many different terms to describe people. Especially when it comes to pet names. We are well past the days of using only the term darling and honey. We have now moved into a time where there are many different pet names to call someone that you may like more than a friend or may not.

Nowadays women use a lot of different terms to describe their friends and the people that they like.

But what does it mean if she specifically calls you boo?

No need to worry! When a girl calls you boo it is definitely nothing too horrible.

Boo is a term of endearment mostly used between people who have bonded and share intimacy with one another. Boo is definitely one of the more respectful ways to show affection for your partner as it isn’t too gross to be said in public and it holds no other offensive meanings behind it whatsoever.

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Some people think that boo originated from the term ‘beau’.

What’s a beau?

Easy: A beau was originally known as a boyfriend or male admirer.
Simple right?

We know. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to use the term that was thought to be derived from beau, which is boo.

Instead of it pertaining to just males, it is now widely used on females as well.

But what does it mean right now, when a girl calls you boo?

It could mean several different things.

She Feels Close To You As A Friend

Even if the two of you are not dating nor do you have any romantic connections, she might call you boo anyways. This means that she feels very close to you as a person. She has bonded with you in an intimate way, but not intimate enough to cross over from the friendzone. Think about how often she uses the term on you. If it’s just once in awhile, it’s surely because she thinks of you as someone she trusts and feels closer to than most other people. This doesn’t mean that one day she couldn’t develop feelings for you, because she already feels so connected to you. However, it does mean that at this time she feels nothing more than friendship regarding you.

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She Likes You And Wants To Date

How many times does she tend to use this term of endearment on you? Is it almost everyday? Does she also call you pet names such as baby, babe, honey, sweetie/sweetheart? If she does use the term boo along with other cute nicknames, there is a good chance that she has a really big crush on you. She definitely thinks of you as more than just a friend and probably wants to get out of the friendzone as fast as she possibly can. If she wasn’t super attracted to you, she would not use the term so often. Using it a lot can giveaway someone’s for you. We don’t go around using pet names on people we don’t like very often, do we? So if it’s becoming almost a second name then you may want to talk to her about whether or not she likes you.

She’s Just Being Playful

Do you barely know her? That may be the reason you are asking yourself why on Earth she would call you something as personal as boo. It’s not everyday that a stranger or acquaintance calls you such a thing. When someone that you virtually have no ties to calls you boo they are probably trying to flirt with you.

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“Hey there handsome.”
“What up baby?”
“Hello gorgeous!”
“What’s happening boo?”

Are all different ways strangers might try to flirt and be playful with you. This is a great way to attract someone because you are creating a bond of intimacy with them by using pet names. They are trying to get you to interact with them by teasing you just a little bit.

She Has Feelings For You

This one should be a given, but just in case you don’t know we will explain it to you.

Boo is one of the common terms used by people in love with each other.

Along with babe, bae and lover.

Have the two of you recently started getting intimate with one another or declared yourself as more than just friends? That is exactly why she is starting to call you things like boo.

Boo means that you are her partner now and she has claimed that pet name for you. It could just be her personal favorite one to use on someone she likes.

She may use it also even if you aren’t in a relationship, but it is starting to feel as if you are turning it into one. She might feel as if you two are exclusive and you are now her boo.

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