What A Woman Deserves In A Relationship

If you are a woman, you are wonderful! Has anyone told you that lately? As women, we ignore the fact that we do so much for so little. (Our protective and understanding nature may have something to do with it.)

As a reminder of how great you are, here are just a few of the reasons why you deserve more Love:

1. Women are strong

2. They change dirty diapers

3. They go in search of a better future

4. Women are bold

5. They dominate the chaos

6. They believe in other people and help them to believe in themselves.

7. Women can do several things at the same time

8. They change the world

9. Women menstruate, give birth and remain beautiful

10. They make sacrifices to lift others

11. Women are inspirational

The world would not be the same without women – literally, none of us would exist without a woman to bring us into this world. Then a toast to the strong women of our lives: that we may know them, that we may raise them and be these women.

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