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We want You To Do More But… – Fed Poly Ede SU President Tells Rector

People say ‘One good turn deserves another’; and when a leader works with selflessness and dedication then carries out his responsibilities and make achievements, then he deserves some accolades.

And that’s why I speak for the dear Rector of this institution, (Dr John Adekolawole) whose impacts in less a year since he became the Rector of this polytechnic is worth praising and emulating.

We can always discuss how he has changed the phase of academics in this institution I. E. a fast academic session but that would be the least of the things he has done.

His relationship with the students as a whole is definitely worth it. Not only is he always ready to answer calls so far it’s for the maintenance of peace and tranquility in the school,he also would call all the student union leaders to be very patient in taking struggles to the extreme and to maintain a peaceful academic environment.

He started with the fish pond first of its kind, he’s planning a zoo, he already worked on a radio station coupled with the TV station (loading), The remedial school has started in the school during his tenure… Students were also employed to work in this new development programmes and schemes he had created to enable them earn extra income… All this within a year that this man assumed post of the Rector.

We would always want him to do more but if we are being honest with ourselves, this man have given the best anyone could do within a year as a Rector…



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