“We Bought 10 Packets of Spaghetti” — U.K. Based Nigerian Couple Show What Minimum Wage, £10, Got Them

Nigerian couple show off amount of items the minimum 1 hour wage in the U.K, got them in a British store.

The couple shared this via the wife’s TikTok account, @the.pretty.oreo, where they documented how they spent the money.

According to them, the minimum 1 hour pay for workers in the U.K is £10 and in Naira it is approximately 15 thousand.

Sharing their market runs, they revealed the items they got for the value of an hour payment in the country.

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The couple were able to buy a pack of onions, a bag of chips, a pack of chicken thighs, chocolates, 10 packets of spaghetti, a pizza, surface cleaner, and various other items.

Many internet users are left shocked at the quantity of items the money got them.

See some reactions…

@38 BABY🧸❤️‍🩹 reacted: “Omo me i go work 24 hours oo 😂😂”

@⬅️Here & There ➡️ said: “For Naija that shopping pass 30k”

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@Kelvinson wrote: “Our brothers and sisters overseas will say don’t come oo we da suffer for abroad 😅 all na format”

@Hajia Wan said: “In UK,rent and things in connection with rent is the only problem 😂.Food is very cheap.”

@Precious Dex added: “If this is true we’re suffering in Canada”

Watch video here

@the.pretty.oreo How we spent the minimum wage! #MinimumWage #UK #UKLife #Shopwithme ♬ original sound – the.pretty.oreo

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