Vyno’s Ship With Terry Is Pretence, He’s Into Yoli (Video)

Vyno Likes Yoli, His Ship With Terry Is A Matter Of Substance, And Doesn’t Mind Making That Clear. Is This Vyno Playing Three-Dimensional Chess, Or Is This For Real?

Now things are really getting heated up, the game is changing although the players are still the same. The ship is changing the course, Yoli likely to be sailing.

During her chat with Norman, Yoli dropped a bombshell to Norman: apparently, Vyno’s ship with Terry is a matter of substance, the lad likes Yoli and he’s set to make it known to other housemates. Yoli said that Vyno put her aside and said “I want to tell you something “.

When I first came here you and I had chats, and I like you but found myself in something else because I knew her from outside and it was easier to go upstairs but my heart is not there, my heart is here, ” Yoli Narrating to Norman what Vyno said.

See Video Below:

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