Video of 7-month-old Baby Confidently Standing On His Own Goes Viral

A trending TikTok video of a 7-month-old baby confidently standing on his own has taken the internet by storm.

Shared by user @thelizzyo, the video has captured the attention of netizens who are marveling at the infant’s exceptional developmental milestone.

The viral video showcases the baby standing upright without any external support, defying conventional expectations for a child of such a tender age.

The little baby’s impressive feat has ignited a wave of parental comparisons, with many viewers reflecting on their own children’s developmental journeys.

Parents and onlookers alike have flooded the comment section with awe and admiration for the baby’s early accomplishment.

@thelizzyo’s TikTok video has become a topic of discussions among parents, prompting them to share their own experiences and observations regarding their children’s developmental milestones.

Netizens Reactions…

@maggie reacted; “My baby is 8 months she can’t even crawl forward but backwards.”

@LadyLiviat said; “Let have patience mamas they will do things at their own pace. Ya’ll are doing a great job.”

@Tilaline said; “My baby is 12 months and ain’t even walking.”

@Alessia commented; “And my 5 month old won’t even sit for 2 seconds always crying.”

@Fatima Flatt said; “Yep this was my baby at 7 months and then at 8 months she started walking. But cut her first teeth at 15 months babies develop on their own time.”

@Amilak commented; “Mine was running at 7 months.”

@English Tea said; “My 6-month-old is holding n stand she has teeth as well ppl ask me if it’s normal now seeing this I think it is.”

See below;

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