Video Moment Groom’s Ex-girlfriend Throws Poop At Him and His Bride During their Wedding

A wedding ceremony in Bolivia was marred by the groom’s ex-girlfriend’s vengeful act, leading to the newlyweds being drenched in a concoction of poop and oil.

The incident occurred immediately after the couple had exchanged their vows.

The identity of the woman responsible for this outrageous act has not been publicly disclosed, but speculation abounds that she was the groom’s former partner, driven by jealousy and unhappiness regarding his new marriage.

According to witnesses, the lady brazenly brought a bucket filled with a repugnant mixture of excrement and oil to the wedding venue.

As the crowd gathered to offer their congratulations to the just-married couple, she took the chance to throw the unpleasant mixture onto the bride and groom.

Photos from the scene paint a shocking picture. The bride’s white wedding dress, her face, and hair were completely smeared with the disgusting mixture, and the groom’s military uniform was similarly tarnished.

Reports from local media indicate that the ex-lover’s motivation was rooted in jealousy and resentment towards the groom’s new life with his bride.

Her shocking act of revenge sent shockwaves through the wedding party and left the bride in a state of profound embarrassment.

Following the incident, the bride took to social media to share her hope that this vengeful act would finally bring peace to their lives.

Netizens Reactions

@Maria wrote; “That’s stooping low as a woman. No matter how damaged or cheated you feel, never seek revenge. Let him be happy with his new partner.”

@Paula said; “What a shame for the bride; she will always have this uncomfortable moment in her mind.”

@Jazmin sad; “How ridiculous he didn’t want to marry that woman for some reason…”

@Gabriel wrote; “These types of acts should be reported. We all have an ex. I wouldn’t want to see this kind of thing happen to my daughters or anyone else.”

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