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Video: Man Screams In Surprise Spots ‘Kanye West’ Smoking Outside His House

A man has shared a video which got people talking as it captures someone whom he thought to be American rapper, Kanye West, in his neighbourhood.

The resident spotted a man randomly smoking outside his house and he shared a striking resemblance with Kanye West.

He could be seen pacing on a culvert with what seems to be a cigaretter and dressed in a similar fashion as the Hip Hop star.

It is yet to be confirmed if that was but social media users were divided as some stated that its as a result of the numerous recent challenges.

The man who was filming, zoomed into the face and concluded that he was Kanye, which led him to scream with a mixture of excitement and surprise.

Watch the video:


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otunbaayodeji1; that GUY is Gone Finally

niyo73; That’s not Kanye he slightly look like him walk and dressing with his face much different from Kanye


brenterp; It’s not him , he may have a look alike .. Kanye is utterly sane and knows what he’s doing ❤️

_marie.of.lagos;I can imagine The pressure he is handling is not for the faint of heart.

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