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Video: BBN Star, Hermes Accuses Policemen of Stealing His Phone During Stop and Search In Lagos

Big Brother Naija star, Iyele has called out men of the Nigeria police force for allegedly stealing his phone worth N1.4 million.

The police officers stopped his car at a checkpoint at night and searched his vehicle under ths suspicion that he is a drug user.

However, after the search was done, he claimed that he could not locate his phone which he earlier handd to the mn in uniform.

posted a video on his Instagram page which showed the police search his car thoroughly.

The reality TV star said the officer jumped in front of his car and cocked his gun as though he wanted to use it and it caused the matter to escalate.

“These harassment by the police cost me my phone(1.4milllion naira). These guys most prolly have it. See next post for context”, Hermes captioned the clip.

See his post the video below:


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A post shared by Hermes Iyele (@hermesiyele)

Reacting, mimi__baibee; Why are they always stopping and searching Hermès


_soldad0; Baba said he preaches against immorality that means he profiled Hermes as immoral… na Werey!!!

latchenko; E come be like say dem send this police your way cos wetin be this?

demz_182; I think he was hoping to see a small trace of weed, then he can label them criminals but God pass am

arhin_godson; All this things no dy happen for Ghana 🇬🇭 oooooo. Chai

autooscar_; Wait we need to even know what each of these uniform men job functions are

Policeman, Frsc, task force, mopo, Air Force , army, navy

houseofbimosh; To what end abeg . They just want to find something that isn’t there

kredol_creativeidol; Did he forget his destiny in your car ni Abi ewo ni gbo gbo werey gan 😡 😡😡

judejudefinder; With no gloves you are searching someone’s bag 💼. Why is everything too local in Nigeria?

floxy_ginger; Please next time try using your hands by yourself to search your bags or anything…and try watching the police every move…sometimes they tend to distract you while the other one might have plant something incriminating.

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