Verydarkman’s Unfortunate Car Accident After a Strange Encounter in Calabar

The controversial critic, Verydarkman narrates his encounter with a strange man in Calabar followed by a car accident while attempting to flee over suspicion of his safety.

The critic who arrived in the Cross River State for a wedding shared his bizarre experience while the event was about to start.

According to him, a strange man who looked suspicious reached out to him, informing him of an important message he came to share all the way from Abuja.

Out of suspicion, Verydarkman excused himself to consult his friends only to be told that three bikers trailed him to the hotel he lodged the night before.

He immediately planned his exit from the state and got involved in a car accident on his way to the airport. He survived unscarred but those hit by the vehicle he was in are currently hospitalized.

“I went outside and there was this person looking for me who looks suspicious. He said he’s been looking for me and that he came all the way from Abuja to Calabar. He said he’s been trying to reach me via DM but no response. He said he just got out of jail after being locked up by Dunamis Pastor, Paul Enenche because he displayed a placard prophesying that Buhari would die,” he said in part.

Watch the video below …

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