Vaughn Grissom Dad: Is Vaughn Grissom Related To Marquis Grissom? Parents

Vaughn Grissom related TO Marquis?

The Atlanta Braves pulled a brave move by choosing A-Ball player Vaughn Grissom for Major League Baseball, making it his MLB debut.

Fans of the Braves have mixed reactions to the news since it sounds too risky to pull out a player from the AA straight to MLB, but with their previous luck with Michael, they were ready to take a chance.

So, let us learn more about the familiar named baseball player Vaughn Grissom, his origin, nationality, and his parents, along with his relation to the baseball legend Marquis Grissom.

Vaughn Grissom Parents

Who Is Vaughn Grissom’s Dad/Father? Vaughn Grissom recently gained a lot of attention after the Braves picked him for the lineup, but people are curious to know who the father of the MLB debut player is.

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Grissom has not opened up about his family background, including the name of his parents. In contrast, the similarity of his last name with another star baseball player of the past raises questions.

People assumed that the 21-year-old was the son of former baseball player Marquis Grissom based on their last names.

The young athlete is too busy focusing on his new game to address rumors and speculations, so he has not spoken about the matter yet.

Grissom has shared pictures of his family members, his mother, and his sister, who is very close to and based on his social media activity, the athlete is not very close to his father.

Vaughn Grissom Dad: Is Vaughn Grissom Related To Marquis Grissom?

In one of his posts, he wrote, “Mama showed me, sis taught me. Now it’s on ME to finish,” with pictures of him with his sister and his mother, who are the motivation behind his drive for success.

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Vaughn hit the gold with such an opportunity provided by the Braves to the young athlete, as this could make or break his career.

Vaughn Grissom Nationality

Where Is Vaughn Grissom Originally From? According to his player bio on MiLB, Vaughn Grissom was born in Orlando, Florida, America, and holds American nationality. The athlete was raised in Florida by his mother and sister and graduated from Hagerty High School in Florida.

Born on January 5, 2001, the 21-year-old athlete has only played in Minor League Baseball tournaments, but his records improved in the last year.

It has only been three years since he started playing professionally, and he has improved significantly with a .312/.404/.487 line in his High A 344 plate appearances made him a much more desirable player for the Braves.

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Is Vaughn Grissom Related To Marquis Grissom?

With similar last names, Vaughn Grissom and Marquis Grissom get linked together after his latest rise in fame with the Braves selection.

However, it does not seem like the two are related other than their standard connection through the sport of baseball and their last names.

Marquis Grissom is a former professional baseball player who is currently 55 years of age and is happily married with five kids of his own. The couple lives in Georgia with their family, and one of Marquis’s children got drafted in the 2022 MLB draft.

Vaughn Grissom Dad: Is Vaughn Grissom Related To Marquis Grissom? Parents

However, Marquis’s son, who got drafted, is named Marquis Grissom Jr., not Vaughn Grissom, which shows no connection or relation between the two players.

But the rumors keep going around with speculations of some relation between the two since the MLV debut player, Vaughn, has not revealed the identity of his father. Ngnews 247

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