‘Using shower head to wash off sp3rm is a waste of time’- Nigerian doctor tells ladies

A Nigerian Doctor has weighed in on the controversy, surrounding ladies rushing off to the bathroom to use shower head to wash off sp33rm after an unprotected cex.

‘Using showerhead to wash off sp33rm is a waste of time’- Nigerian doctor tells ladies.

According to the Nigerian Doctor, sp33rm deposited in the vag11na, goes straight to the womb and ‘your hose cannot reach there’.

His tweets read;

The vag11naBBQ Recipe Crew are at it again “Steam with salt and hot water” “Massage with oil” “Pour yoghurt inside” Your vag11na is not chicken/goat meat. Why exactly are u trying to marinate and grill it? If you are itchy with pain “down there”, pls speak to a doctor.

Are you aware some of this nonsense vag11naBBQ advice can cause long term injury and chronic vag11na infections which may lead to gynatresia (the narrowing of the female genital tract, which often leads to obstruction leading to problems having cex and having babies)? Are u aware?

I honestly don’t understand this obsession and why the vag11naBBQ Recipe Crew wont simply leave the vag11na alone. Exposing the vag11na to heat, salt, hot water, pouring/sticking things inside destroys the natural environment of the vag11na and causes infections. This is not a joke.

The best care for the vag11na are simple things: Wash only the vulva (the outer part) NEVER wash inside the vag11na NEVER put anything inside the vag11na except a clean tampon Have your bath twice a day Avoid tight/nylon underwear because they cause heat which is bad for the vag11na

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NEVER EVER put powder/talc inside the vag11na. NEVER EVER do it, there are medical research linking this with cancer of the ovaries in women that do it. Don’t use your own hands to ruin your own life with these bad advice flying everywhere. Please be wise.

Do NOT use alum inside your vag11na in the futile bid to “tighten” your vag11na. Research has shown that a lot of alum used by women causes injury, scars and possible infections in the vag11na. Please your vag11na is NOT a bolt and there’s no need to tighten it with anything.

Be also careful with what underwear you use. You know your body better than anybody else. Some women find that GStrings are very uncomfortable and makes them to itch, if you are in that category, simply stay off it. Better to be comfortable than be in misery because of fashion.

After using the toilet, always wipe from front to back. NEVER EVER do it from back to front. If you wipe from back to front, you stand the risk of bringing bacteria from the anus into the vag11na. This move can trigger repeated vag11nal infections that may be difficult to treat.

Do NOT douche please. Douching is the act of cleaning inside the vag11na by spraying it with water/soap using a hose or shower Many believe this will get rid of bad odor, sp33rm and menstrual blood. This is bad practice. It wil only destabilise the vag11na and cause infections.

Aunty, if u have unprotected cex and you run to the bathroom to grab the shower head to spray water inside your vag11na thinking you are washing the sp33rm off, u are playing yourself. sp33rm deposited into the vag11na goes straight into the womb and your hose cannot reach there.

Your best bet is a PostPill and not douching, drinking lime, drinking dry gin, putting alum or leaves inside the vag11na. It’s a waste and very unhelpful. Just don’t delete his number yet, and start saving well from the next month, because you will soon need cot and baby food.

But seriously, ladies, douching may appear sensible but it is very bad and dangerous for the vag11na. The vag11na does NOT need any help from you to keep it clean. It cleans itself all by itself and stays beautiful. It is how your body is wired, and put together to function.

Maintain good menstrual hygiene. Try to change pads every 8hours pls. Don’t wear one pad for two days. With the advent of pads that absorb very well, many ladies forget to change pads regularly when on their period. This is risky because that blood can cause serious infection.

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Learn about Kegel exercise, these are exercises that help to contract and relax the muscles in the pelvis, and are said to technically make the vag11na stronger and flexible. It’s particularly beneficial during pregnancy and after birth. Talk to your doctor or physio about this.

If you are quite sensitive down there, don’t use scented detergents to wash your underwear. Those scented detergents tend to break down the natural barrier of the vag11na and makes users prone to infections. Try to always use plain unscented detergents to wash your underwear.

“Steam it with fire Add salt Pour dry pepper Massage inside with oil Sit on hot water Put powdered ginger” These are all dangerous advice from the vag11naBBQ Recipe Crew. Pls your vag11na is not some sort of frozen chicken, all this grilling and marinating is unnecessary. Thanks.

I just heard people even put okro inside the vag11na to make it smooth/slippery, then put alum to tighten it Even Julius Berger is not this creative with road construction Leave your vag11na alone pls It’s not an untarred road. There’s no need to make it an expressway.

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