US Based Nigerian Lady, Sophia Idahosa Causes Stir As She Does Christian BBL

A US based Nigerian lady, Sophia Idahosa, has caused a stir in the black community as she breaks the record for the first woman to do a Christian BBL.

The content creator who is on Instagram as sophiology, shared on her Instagram story the amount of vitriol she has received from Netizens.

Sophia is a YouTuber and she posted her video on YouTube, two weeks post operation from the Christian BBL.

Although she understands that most Christians advocate for natural bodies, Sophia believes that anything that would enhance one’s appearance is worth it.

The content creator understands that many young Christian women look up to her, she still chose to do the Christian BBL as it felt fitting.

Since her announcement of her surgery she has faced numerous backlash, however she stands on her decision and asks that people withdraw their judgement and criticisms.

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Christian BBL

Some reactions to the post

@instinctofawolf said: “BBL is a body modification that God approves of…. More like saying God made a mistake so he wants the doctors to help him correct his mistake.”

@HelloAryk wrote: “Believer Butt Loading… No surgical work, miracles only. 😂😂”

@AWholeSalmanPR added: “So many fooling this year, but Christian BBL just pulled an Aguero on us and went straight to the top😂😂”

@ella_bosslady asked: “What’s the difference between normal BBL and christian BBL?”

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