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How to get, load and activate UBA Africard for PayPal Account

If you are trying to verify your paypal account with your bank and it is delaying, why not use a UBA AFRICARD to do that. I did mine with AFRICARD and received the 4 digit codes immediately.

How to Get UBA Africard in Nigeria

You don’t need to operate with UBA before they will issue you an AFRICARD, just walk into any UBA branch and tell them that you want to request for an AFRICARD.

Bear in mind that you have to go with 2 passports,utility bill not latter than 3 months, form of identification(any state issued ID card;voters card,national id card etc) and 1000 naira for the card.

The card is of 2 variations; personalized (with your name on it) and non-personalized (no name on it). The non-personalized would be issued to you instantly but you would have to wait for 3 to 7 days for the personalized.

How to load UBA prepaid card

The card is a naira denominated visa card, at the back of the card, you will see a number labelled “CLIENT ID”, it is like your account number. It is used to deposit money to the AFRICARD.

Take note that each time you deposit money to the AFRICARD, some commission would be deducted ranging from the amount you deposited. If you have a UBA account, it is preferable to deposit the money through online banking (ubadirect) so as to lower the commission that would be deducted.

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I learnt that the card is preferable to other cards in nigeria because it is accepted internationally more than all other nigerian cards. GOODLUCK.

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