Tulz Lays Down The Rules For BBMzansi Housemates

In his first meeting with all the Housemates at the dining table, Tulz made it known that he’s not trying to be a parent to any grown person and policing any adult around the House.

To commence his meeting with the Housemates, Tulz mentioned that it’s just a game and nothing was personal about his Veto Power – save and replace or the Nominations.

Tulz BBMzansi

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that winning is all about being prepared with these Wagers.

Using his experience from coordinating most of the creative direction of their skits and scripts, the roles have been flipped and Tulz is now the man in charge.

The ultimate question is how he will make the Housemates fall in line to collaborate with each other.

To show the gravity of this week’s Wager Task, Tulz called all Housemates to delegate roles and duties around the Wager Task.

In his brief to the Housemates, Tulz felt like the Housemates were getting a little comfortable around the House which needs them to go through Biggie’s rule book.

Although he said he doesn’t intend to give parent vibes to the Housemates, he hopes that they equally show up for the Wager Task for the sake of winning because food is scarce in the House now.

To make things interesting Libo was given the power to rule over the kitchen by Tulz. With all Housemates being forced to speak to Libo about food, we think this was a strategic power play to neutralise the 02:00 squad that’s been raiding fridges.

It’s certainly going to be a long week in Biggie’s House but will this reign be any different from the past regimes that shook things up?

We are excited for Tulz and Libo and hope they lean more into their past experiences not only as HoH and DHoH but as the Task coordinators and as just Housemates too.

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