Troy Beckwith Biography: Age, Height, Death, Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Troy Beckwith Biography, Age, Height, Death, Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth – Troy Beckwith was an Australian actor who came into the limelight in the 80s and 90s. He gained fame as one of the most iconic antagonists in Neighbours, recognized for his role as ‘Sicko Micko,’ as depicted in the soap opera.


Name: Troy Beckwith
Date of Birth: November 17, 1975
Wife: Not married
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Actor
Net Worth: $1-$5 million

Troy Beckwith Biography

Troy Beckwith, widely known for his portrayal of Michael Martin in the popular soap opera Neighbours, sadly departed from this world at the age of 48. News of his passing was confirmed by his co-star, Kym Valentine, who portrayed Libby Kennedy in the same series. In a heartfelt tribute on social media, Valentine expressed the deep pain of losing a dear friend, reminiscing about the cherished moments they shared. She announced that, in accordance with Beckwith’s wishes, there would be no funeral.

Troy Beckwith Age

How old is Troy Beckwith? Troy Beckwith was 48 years old. He was born on 17th November 1975. He passed on January 224, 2024.

Troy Beckwith Height

How tall is Troy Beckwith? Troy Beckwith’s height is not known.

Troy Beckwith Parents

Who are the parents of Troy Beckwith? Troy Beckwith’s parents are not known. There is not much about this personal life.

Troy Beckwith Siblings

There is not much information about the siblings of Troy. Reports suggest that his known sister is called Juanita Sanger.

Troy Beckwith Career

During his stint on Neighbours from 1992 to 1998, Troy Beckwith left an indelible mark on the show, earning the moniker ‘Sicko Micko’ for his portrayal of the iconic character Michael Martin. Widely recognized as one of the soap’s greatest villains, Beckwith’s performance resonated with audiences and contributed to the enduring popularity of Neighbours.

The actor faced a moment of public concern in 2017 when he went missing for a couple of weeks. Reports indicated that he had contacted his partner, citing a canceled appointment, before disappearing. With a medical condition adding to the worry, police conducted a search, and after thirteen days, Troy was found safe and well. During his disappearance, it was believed that he had been staying in hostels around Melbourne, deliberately keeping a low profile.

Aside from his notable role in Neighbours, Troy Beckwith showcased his versatility by playing the character Jeremy ‘Bazza’ Burlington, a keyboard player, in the children’s series Pugwall. Colleagues and peers in the industry shared their grief on social media. Brett Blewitt, who starred alongside Beckwith in Neighbours, remembered him as a lovely person, describing him as deeply thoughtful and empathetic, with a cheeky and playful side once he stepped out of his shell. Casting director Jan Russ expressed her sadness, referring to Troy as a “gorgeous boy.”

Troy Beckwith’s career, though marked by the highs of television stardom, also saw moments of personal challenges. His impact on the world of Australian television, particularly in Neighbours, remains undeniable, and his untimely departure leaves behind a legacy of memorable performances and a sense of loss within the entertainment community.

Troy Beckwith Wife

Was Troy Beckwith married? There is no information regarding the marital status of Troy Beckwith. Again, there is no news of any type of romantic relationship he was involved in.

Troy Beckwith Children

Did Troy Beckwith have any children? No information is available on Troy Beckwith’s children.

Troy Beckwith Net Worth

Troy Beckwith has an estimated net worth of between $1 million to $5 million.


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