Top Risks Of Live Couples’ Life At School (Must Read)

Campus cohabitation is a common practice among students that should not be encouraged because of its effects on students academic goals.

Single at home but married on campus (Naijacast)

Couples life or Campus Cohabitation is a very common trend among students in higher institutions. It is a practice that involves students of opposite sex that are not officially married to live in an off-campus apartment as husband and wife.

Couple’s life as this practice is known among students allows undergraduates in a relationship to do everything together as though they are legally married.

This, although has been argued, could help the students to better understand themselves when they eventually get married.

Why you shouldn’t live couple’s life at school Campus

Cohabitation is a very common trend among Nigerian students (Edufrica)

While this could be true as stories of campus couple who end up getting married abound, it is not a practice that should be encouraged as this could damage the academic dream of the so-called couple.

Essentially, the common stories of campus cohabitation are usually tied to accommodation issues female students usually face when they gain admission into a university or polytechnic, where there are insufficient hostels for new students.

The need to solve accommodation problem is most likely the reason fresh female students on campus decide to stay in a male student’s apartment with the hope that when he graduates, the apartment ‘ll belong to them.

Usually, this is the narrative that leads to campus cohabitation. A new female student has problems with accommodation and a male staylite solves the problem… and the relationship starts. Campus Cohabitation is a very common trend among students

Married on campus, single at home (Campus blaze)

However, the probability of campus cohabitation leading to marriage is not certain and here are reasons you should not consider cohabiting with a guy on campus.

1. Playing the wife’s role

Campus cohabitation can derail your academic dream when you decide to play the wife’s role because you want to please your partner. Your academic performance will certainly suffer if you choose to be the one who cooks, cleans the house and washes his clothes while your lover sprawls his legs and moves about.

2. Unwanted Pregnancy

Sex plays a major role in the life of campus couples and when this leads to an unwanted pregnancy, the lady will be more affected than the guy.

3. Emotional Trauma

As stated earlier, cohabiting does not guarantee marriage. In fact, it is so uncertain that your partner can wake up one day and say he is tired of the relationship.

Campus cohabitation does not guarantee marriage (Connect Nigeria)

In another instance, if you cohabit with a violent guy, you might end up becoming his punch bag, and if a guy also finds himself cohabiting with a nagging female student, she might stifle life out of him.

In the end, their academic pursuit will bear the brunt when emotional trauma sets in.

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